Collection: 2023 Men in Tubs Calendar

2023 Men in Tubs Calendar

15% from each calendar sold will be donated to organizations that helps with mental health with the biggest donation to The Mankind Project and Nelson Community Services.

The mission of this project is to create a world of vulnerability & connection through artistic human experiences.

Part of why I decided to donate to mental health is because how much I learned over the past 6 years about my own mental health.There’s resources out there that truly made a difference in my life that I had no idea it even existed. 

By producing this calendar, I want to bring awareness to out self-talk, our actions, and the results that come because of them.

The truth is that I cannot do this alone. I need your help to take care of our friends and families. I know you care about this and this is why you are still reading. You are a person of integrity and great kindness. This is the kind of language that truly make a positive change in our lives and in the lives of the ones we love.

I’m asking for your support. There’s two ways to contribute to this project. First, is to buy the 2022 Men in Tubs Calendar for yourself or gift it to someone you love or do both. Second, is to spread the word on your social media by sharing one of my posts.

There are people that you know that don’t know how to ask for help or how to reach out when they feel sadness, anger, and fear. Or they don’t know how to access their internal Joy and Love. Together with a message of Love, kindness, and compassion we are in a position to bring a Light into a friend's darkness.

It is only when I decided to confront my fears that I became a photographer and this is bringing me to connect with you today.

By getting this calendar you get to an interesting look at the Kootenays and the Men who live here.

The benefits are that you get to contribute to the wellness of individuals who need it, you get to see the images of this calendar everyday, and you get to connect with your friends and family by engaging in a conversation about this calendar.

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Men in Tubs Calendar

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